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Francene Levinson Modular Paper Sculpture

Contemporary Paper Sculptures

Chinese unit paper folding, “Zhe Zhi", has influenced my sculptural efforts to create abstract contemporary paper sculpture.

Modular Paper Folding is my medium of choice through which I express my artistic vision. I have taken a Chinese folk art and elevated its potential to a fine art medium worthy of your time and enjoyment. Constructing the dynamic lines of organic forms has given me the opportunity to share my contemporary paper sculpture with the world. I find limitless wonder in the possibilities of structure and design that may be explored with multiple folded sheets of paper.

Paper was invented in China by Tsai Lun in 150 C.E. Knowledge of paper making and the technique of folding it to create forms, was spread throughout Asia by Buddhist monks performing their rituals and ceremonies. The Japanese people fell in love with paper making when the Buddhist Monks arrived in Japan around 750 C.E. Eventually, the art of paper folding became world famous as Japanese Origami.

The original Chinese paper folding technique I use is called Zhe Zhi. It is modular in nature. Since I use it as a fine art sculptural medium, it may contain as many as 3500 pieces of paper. Modular Zhe Zhi is also well known as an Asian folk art outside of China in Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines. In the United States many know it as Golden Venture Art and 3D Origami

Creating abstract contemporary sculpture from flat paper is a challenge that consistently reveals the power of paper.

I hope you enjoy my site!

Francene Levinson

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