Francene Levinson 
Contemporary Paper Sculptures

Contemporary Paper Sculptures by Artist Francene Levinson transform modular 3d Origami into 
beautiful museum quality fine art.


Cameron is part of the Ocean-Life themed series. It is inspired by the little shrimp that turn and suddenly swim in new directions. Shrimp live in oceans all over the world: near shores, in cold waters, in tropical waters and in the deep sea on the ocean bottom.The shrimp lives on the river beds and ocean floors around the world, filtering sand and particles in the water. Shrimp are known to stay in schools that contain numerous shrimp individuals, and are able to adapt easily to changes in water conditions.This paper sculpture is constructed only of hand cut, hand folded, archival color, inkjet paper modules and Ph neutral glue.There are approximately 3000 triangular double-pocket,double point modules of paper linked together. This is an ancient Chinese paper folding technique called "Zhe Zhi." The architecture of folded, linked and glued paper units creates a very strong and durable sculpture medium which permits direct paper sculpting. The science of topology dictates the slope and curve of the surface by the number of points linked in a circumference. Archival paper is acid free,color stable, and generally used as legal substrate for documentation and suitable to last a minimum of 100 years.


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