Francene Levinson 
Contemporary Paper Sculptures

Contemporary Paper Sculptures by Artist Francene Levinson transform modular 3d Origami into 
beautiful museum quality fine art.

Ocean Garden

This "Ocean Garden" paper sculpture is composed of Anemone and is part of an Ocean Life theme on Contemporary Paper Sculptures by artist Francene Levinson It is constructed with archival inkjet paper,Ph neutral glue, recycled plastic supermarket bags, and hemp rope. The base is black acrylic. The sea anemone has a soft, muscular, cylinder-shaped stalk with a broad, circular foot at its base. Atop the stalk is a mouth surrounded by circular rows of hollow tentacles. The tentacles, which eject poisonous stinging threads to paralyze prey, grasp small animals and sweep them into the mouth. Usually, the sea anemone lives attached by its foot to shells, rocks, or wharf pilings. It can, however, slowly slide along the ocean floor on its foot or swim by moving its tentacles. When disturbed, the animal contracts its body, pulls its tentacles inside its mouth, and draws its mouth together like a pouch. This flower-like creature resembles the actual land anemone flower.

Posted by Fran on November 29, 2012 at 12:11 AM 6241 Views